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Started in 1987, Circle S Seeds has provided the highest quality cereal, grass, and forage seed to our customers in Montana and the U.S.

Circle S Seeds, near Three Forks, Montana, is at the hub of one of the great agricultural regions in the world. The spokes of this hub extend to the Pacific Northwest, throughout the Rocky Mountain States, and into the Great Plains.

This vast, rich, and diverse area with its excellent farmers is the primary source of the quality seed products Circle S Seeds brings to the world market.

Meet Our Team

John McDonnell


Tyler Heupel


Certified Crop Advisor

Nate Solberg


Certified Crop Advisor

John Wolthuizen


Bob O’Rourke

Seed Plant Manager

Randy Frye

Grain Marketing/Customer Service

Zach Thibault

Logistics/General Sales

Brittney Robinson

General Sales/Accounting

Dave Pyfer

Elevator Manager

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